Sterling, Hero or Villain?

Does the fact that you are financially “well off” entitle you to say anything you want or that is on your mind? This could be viewed from both sides of the spectrum. Former Comedy Central standout Dave Chappelle was quoted in aGo Magazine interview saying “Ultimately, I do not think he should have lost his team. I do not like the idea that someone could record a secret conversation and that a person could loose their assets from that, even though I think what he said was awful. When you think about the intimacy of a situation, like, can a man just chill with his mistress in peace?” Very Chappellish, is not it? On the other hand, what gives Mr. Sterling the right to talk down to his players just because he has the big bucks?

This is a very touchy subject and a very thin line that it’s drawn in our imaginary brains. While one side of me largely agrees with Chappelle, no side of me agrees with Donald Sterling’s actions of prejudice and ignorance. Nevertheless, my opinion is that more than 95% of the people out there would side with Chappelle. As the conservative nation that we are, we all would agree that a man has the right to say what he wants to say, especially if you are chilling with your mistress. The other 5% however, are the ones that has us wondering where has common sense gone these days. The Clippers’ franchise is/was on the rise, but even if he shouldn’t be punished for what he said in private, the information is out there and he can still be looked at in disdain by the morally correct. If I tried to invest in the Clippers’ had Sterling stayed, Ken Griffin would probably have heavily advised against doing so.

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