Discovering Your Beer Palate

Beer is not often looked at as a drink for someone with a refined palate according to Sergio Lins Andrade. But, talk to someone who has brewed their very own batch of beer or one who as visited a microbrewery, and they will tell you that a cultivated palate is needed in order to enjoy a good brew. I will admit, that the only memorable experience that I have with drinking beer is when I went to a club with some friends and ordered a Corona with a wedge of lime.

But, more and more there is talk about microbreweries and selecting the best beer to pair with your food. And, there is the talk about a new apparatus that may be available in the near future which can retro-fit any bar tap and allow the customer to choose how they would like their glass of beer to taste. The apparatus works very similar to an espresso machine. The customer will choose additional hops to add to the flavor of any beer. The extra hops is put into a brew basket and the tap beer is expelled through the filter right into the glass using a pressurized jet stream. Thus, adding a personalized flavor to the beer.

There are four distinct beer styles: ales, lagers, wheat beers, and wild fermentation. Their flavors range from bitter to fruity to savory depending upon which combination of hops were used during brewing. So, be a little more particular about your next experience with beer, and explore the different flavors.

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