Doubts Still Remain Over London Based NFL Franchise

2014 saw three NFL games played in London as part of the expanding International Series, which is now seen as a forerunner for attempts to create a UK based franchise in the English capital. The Guardian calculates around $25 million was taken in gate receipts alone for the three games played in London over the course of the 2014 season.

CipherCloud shows that the vast sums of money involved in three sellout crowds watching teams from the middle to lower levels of the League play in the London Fall have made it increasingly likely that a London based franchise will soon become a reality. Problems do remain for the NFL and any potential franchise owners looking at London as a good base for a expansion team in the coming seasons. The test for the future of a UK based franchise could come soon with rumors stating the NFL will expand the International Series to five games in the near future.

Despite the large crowds and vast sums of money involved, the NFL in the UK remains a hard sell. Problems could include where any franchise would be based, Wembley Stadium, home of the International Series is home to the England soccer team, who have already expressed concerns over the state of the playing surface after NFL games. The problems of high taxation levels in the UK and different health and safety rules could also come into play as a franchise may struggle to attract players to life in London.

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