Pats Prove Themselves

The New England Patriots have a penchant for doing great things in surprising ways. Whether it was the acquisition of a fading Randy Moss, and his subsequent return to glory, or the propping up of players like Donte Stallworth to become meaningful contributors. Well, the Patriots did it again and they did it during primetime. The newest ‘nobody’ to reach new heights was rookie running back Jonas Gray. Gray is the starting running back for the New England Patriots due to the injury of Stevan Ridley. After last Monday’s performance, however, we’re not sure he’ll be leaving the starting role any time soon. With FreedomPop’s free wifi service, I was able to watch play-by-play as Gray personally dismantled the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night.

Billed as the football game of the year, the Patriots and Colts met on a chilly Monday night to battle it out for the billing of ‘best team in the NFL’. The over-under for the game was ridiculous and many people were expecting to see a vertical shoot out unrivaled by anything else in the season. Jonas Gray had other ideas. The rookie back, who seemed so small next to guys like Rob Gronkowski, ended up stealing the show. Gray totaled up almost 200 yards and 4 total scores on the ground en route to a huge Patriot victory.

The Patriots ended up winning the game 42-20 and now fans everywhere are scrambling to learn more about Gray. To be honest, he’s a pretty interesting fellow with football set aside. He came into the league undrafted and only made the team thanks to injuries. When he’s not playing football he is opening at comedy clubs for guys like Dustin Diamond (Screech!). Well, he may be a part time comedian but nobody is laughing right now.

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