LeBron’s Sons Won’t Be Playing Football

LeBron James makes headlines on and off the court. He recently returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which caused an uproar throughout the basketball community and the city of Cleveland. Now that the hype has calmed down a bit, LeBron is making national news on CNN concerning a situation off of the basketball court. My friend Jared Haftel is a huge LeBron James fans and he tells me has two sons aged ten and seven.

According to TIME, James doesn’t want his boys to play football at this age due to safety concerns. He mentioned if his sons are interested when they get to high school, they will talk about it. Right now, though, it is not necessary for them to put themselves in such danger at their ages. They participate in soccer and basketball, but are not allowed to play football or hockey. James himself played football in high school as a way to escape the dangers of the inner city. He just doesn’t find it necessary to put such young children in such a physically demanding sport.

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