Incognito Working Out With Broncos

The Denver Broncos worked out the free-agent offensive guard Richie Incognito on Monday. This was an attempt to do their due diligence while they considered hiring him. Earlier this year, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs also gave Incognito some thought, but there were problems.

Incognito got booted out of the Miami Dolphins for hazing offensive lineman Jonathan Martin. The hazing caused Martin to seek mental-health counseling. The Dolphins suspended Incognito in November 2013. Martin has since been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. Incognito has also argued with coaches before, and his other NFL stops ended on unfriendly terms since Incognito started his career in Nebraska. He was also admitted to an Arizona psychiatric care unit in February after smashing his Ferrari with a baseball bat.

The Broncos coaches know Incognito from coaching him at the Pro Bowl a few years back. Incognito has been working out in Arizona to catch up with the team. Fans like Jared Haftel have observed that the team is having problems with their run game, but they shuffled their offensive line and managed to beat the Oakland Raiders in Week 10.

The Broncos have passed on signing up Incognito, but they say they will consider it after they play the Rams and the Fins. Incognito has been an unrestricted free agent since March 11. He probably would appreciate the break at this point.

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