Employee Fired for Serving Booze to a Toddler

A mix-up has cost a Colorado employee their job. Apparently, the chain known as Joe’s Crab Shack has two drinks with similar names on the menu. One is called a Shark Nibble – a kid’s beverage and one is called a Shark Bite – and contains alcohol. Both are topped with a toy plastic shark, which obviously, just adds to the confusion.

Joe’s Crab Shack has held the employee responsible accountable and since has relieved them of their duties. Apparently, a round of the alcoholic Shark Bites were served to the table of six children ages 2-8 instead of the kid’s version the Shark Nibble. And while the children sat and downed their drinks, the family was not informed of the mix-up until approximately a half hour later.

No one has been charged in this underage drinking case. However, it seems that not only should Joe’s take action against the employee involved, but I agree with Bruce Levenson on this one that Joe’s should shoulder a little bit of the responsibility themselves. After all, having a kid’s drink and an alcoholic drink with such similar names and toys on top, seems to be a recipe for disaster.

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