Superman Could Use Some Help

When LeBron James announced his triumphant return to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers earlier this year, everyone automatically assumed a string of NBA championships would follow. While they still might, it’s clear as the 2014-15 NBA season gets underway that Superman could use a little more help on the court, as you can see from their game against the Utah Jazz.

Though Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are showing signs of brilliance, fans are starting to realize it’s going to take some time for all the pieces of this potential championship team to gel. Though Cleveland fans are starved for a championship, they need to remind themselves that when LeBron first joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami in 2010, the team began 9-8 while trying to figure out what would work best. I remember me and Susan McGalla being so confused by the beginning of the Heatles and look where that ended up.

However, once everything came together the result was trip after trip to the Finals and two championships. While playing with LeBron can be intimidating at times for some players, Love and Irving seem to be up to the challenge. With Irving scoring 34 points in the team’s loss to Utah on Wednesday, it’s obvious he can take charge when necessary and learn to compliment LeBron’s skills.

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