Terrell Suggs Dirty Play

If you are a NFL fan, you are quite aware of the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the league and it’s quite evident as you watch the two teams play. It’s always a hard fought battle with a few fights and lots of words being exchanged between the players. These two teams known for their defenses but Baltimore is also known for playing a little bit dirty, sorry Sultan I had to say it.

Since Ray Rice has retired, Terrell Suggs has now become that hated guy. He’s always had a bit of hate for the Steelers which he made known in an interview with former Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward. He dislikes Ward so much he won’t even speak his name. So it’s no wonder the hit he delivered to running back Blount in Sunday nights game is being called dirty. According to ESPN, Suggs hit Blount low and late. He was flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Steelers believe Suggs should be fined for his actions.

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  1. Nylah Harvey (Post author)

    Suggs obviously defends his actions stating he was just trying to get him down. This rivalry will now get even more intense as the season progresses, making for some great football. It makes a lot sense that http://top-essay-writing.services/top-10-essay-writing-services/ would do all that they can to ensure that everything works to perfection.

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