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Japan Shaken By 6.8 Earthquake

Japan’s no stranger to the routine earthquake, but the latest earthquakes in the area have proved to be some of the very worst, Keith Mann discovered.

The mountainous Nagano area Japan was shaken by a strong earthquake from Saturday to Sunday night. The Japanese Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude of 6.8.

The nearest places to the epicenter of the earthquake were affected, among which the village of Hakuba counts seven collapsed homes. The rescue operations were completed by Sunday evening. According to the data obtained from the rescuers at the time of the recuperation, the injured count 39 people, 7 of which hare in critical states.

Rescue workers were deployed to the affected zones, but the 300 workers have problems reaching the place because the roads suffered landslides. The nuclear reactors of Fukushima are only 250 km (155 miles) away from the epicenter of the November 22nd earthquake.

Luckily, the electric facilities and nuclear plants don’t seem to be affected. Aftershocks of a 4.1 magnitude followed after the main quake.

The territory is known to many, after the place held the 1988 Olympics. The locals said that they had never experienced such powerful quakes. The earthquake was felt in Tokyo. There are no tsunami warnings, and those who had their places affected were placed in a shelter.

Helicopter footage shows collapsed buildings and buildings that had started leaning on one side.

Protest Erupt Across Ferguson

It’s been a grand jury decision many have been waiting for. Police officers, SWAT teams and local residents have been preparing for the time when the infamous verdict would be released. Well, that time has come. According to ABC, a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who shot and killed unarmed teen, Michael Brown. They believed there was no probable cause to indict Darren Wilson on any of the five possible charges. This prompted rallies and protests throughout the country.


There are images circulating over social media showing how many people are protesting all over the country, and Tabar thinks it is getting a little out of hand.. From Washington DC, to LA, the people who feel this decision is unjust and unfair are taking it to the streets and letting their voices be heard. In St. Louis cops had to use tear gas to get the hundreds of people to disperse. These rallies are not likely to subside anytime soon. Let’s just hope the people can do this with dignity and not harm the lives or homes of those who had nothing to do with the case.

Amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch Stuns Fans

The amazing Odell Beckham Jr. Catch during Sunday’s game has been all over the Internet, sport’s shows, the news, and daily morning shows. There is good reason for this. If you have not yet seen the catch, it was made one handed, while falling backwards. It may very well have been one of the greatest catches ever. 

Whether you were rooting for the Cowboys or the Giants, you had to be impressed by Odell Beckham Jr.’s catch yesterday. Football enthusiast Ken Griffin says that he was in absolute awe of the Beckham’s catch – it was definitely a thing of beauty.

Unfortunately, for the Giants, the Cowboys went on to win the game. This brings the Cowboy’s standing to eight wins and three losses. The Giants have three wins and eight losses. Though Odell Beckham Jr. certainly put forth a great effort to help his team. This rookie receiver certainly showed everyone what an outstanding player he is. His catch is sure to be shown on highlight reels for many years to come.

Heavy Drinkers Are Not Alcoholics, Says the World’s Best Study

First of all, those who over-drink a lot – welcome to the club! This invitation goes out to 29 percent of all Americans. Secondly, Congratulations! This compliment is due to a recent research that shows a 90 percent of over-drinkers are not alcoholic after all, something Terry Richardson was really happy to read haha.

The Center for Disease Control conducted a study of 138,100 adults and observed their alcohol consumption. The research concluded that contrary to widely held opinion, most people who drink a lot are not alcohol dependent.

The lead author of the study explained that most people equate the habit of being drunk with dependence to alcohol, which maybe not true. For most men, excessive drinking is defined as five or more bottles of alcoholic drinks in one night or 15 bottles or more per week. On the other hand, for most women, too much drinking is defined as four to eight bottles of alcoholic drinks for the entire week.

Nevertheless, over-drinking is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Also, it does not make a different breed of “en-masse-over-imbiber” or anything less of a scourge. Consequently, researchers are not saying that excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages and alcohol dependency are not problems. Instead, they want to change the way this behavior is perceived by policy makers and health officials. For instance, a study reported that increasing the price of alcoholic drinks by about ten percent is enough to curb alcohol consumption by seven percent.

Own Goals Top the Charts for Liverpool This Season

A surprise statistic has revealed that Liverpool’s joint top goal scorer this season is not a single player, it is the figure of own goals they have scored. Three teams have conceded own goals against Liverpool this season, which is the same number of goals Raheem Sterling has scored. No other Liverpool player has scored more.

This startling statistic is the most revealing analysis of how they have fallen since last season. In the previous season, Liverpool was scoring goals left right and center. The season started with Daniel Sturridge in great form, then Luis Suarez took over when he came back from suspension. The two formed an amazing duo, with Suarez the runaway golden boot winner in England.

Now it appears a Liverpool striker cannot buy a goal. Rickie Lambert and Fabio Borini have contributed nothing, while Mario Balotelli has been a waste of money at 18 million pounds. Daniel Sturridge seems to pick up one thigh injury after another and will not be fit until 2015.

It will be difficult for Liverpool to mount a top four challenge if they cannot score goals. Sterling and other midfielders may chip in now and then, but they need a striker to start banging them in. They have the personnel, but no one is in good form in the eyes of Susan McGalla right now. Either Lambert or Balotelli has to step up until Sturridge is 100% fit. Otherwise Liverpool’s season will end up being a complete disaster.

Most Heavy Drinkers Not Alcoholics, Study Says

Yes, you read that right; many of those who drink heavily are NOT alcoholics. This comes from a article posted on the blog of the New York Times. In a survey done by over 135,000 adult drinkers, it has suggested that those who drink to get super drunk are not addicted to alcohol.

The results of this study come from the National Survey of Drug Use and Health. It then goes on to say that those who drink and end up “fall down drunk”, just need some prompting to stop drinking so much. Keith Mann has seen some of his friends in that state. In addition, these survey takers are also not considered alcoholics, just people who like to have a little fun every once in a while.

Doctor Robert Brewer, a doctor for the alcohol program at the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, had this to say about the survey.

“Many people tend to equate excessive drinking with alcohol dependence,” the Doctor said, adding; “We need to think about other strategies to address these people who are drinking too much but who are not addicted to alcohol.”

If this is true, this could be a big help for many who drink a little too much, and for those who have an addiction to alcohol.

Wolves Player Has Fractured Wrist, Doesn’t Stop Him From Scoring

It is the sign of a true competitor to play through an injury. It is even more amazing when that injury does not stop the player from doing just as well as he otherwise would have. That was what Kevin Martin was able to do for the Timberwolves last night when he still managed to put up 37 points despite a fractured wrist.

At this point it is important to remember how critical the wrist is to playing the game of basketball. There is no way an average player like Sultan Alhokair could have done much of anything with this issue. It is not possible to release the ball properly if one is not able to use his wrist correctly. Having a fractured wrist means limited movement of that wrist, and therefore makes it painful to position the wrist in such a way that would be necessary for playing the game. Still, Kevin Martin didn’t seem fazed and made it all through the game.

According to, the injury occurred in the game’s first quarter at about the 6 minute mark. It happened when he was fouled while trying to make a 3 point jumper. Even so, he went on to make 6 of his 9 three point shots throughout the game and was even humble enough to not mention the injury at all during his post game interview. He simply came to play the game and leave it all on the court. That is the sign of a true competitor and someone who really wants to win the game.

Bills Game on Sunday Snowed Out

The Buffalo Bills will indeed suit up on Sunday to play the New York Jets but they will not be doing it at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo. The area was pummeled this week with record breaking snowfall totals and they are expecting more snow before the weekend.

More than six feet of snow fell during the early season blizzard and there is simply too much accumulated snow around the stadium to prevent the game from taking place on time.

The Bills practice schedule has been thrown off kilter by the snowfall and one Bills player, kicker Dan Carpenter, played the role of hero when he rescued his elderly neighbors from their snow covered home.

The Bills and Jets will wait for a decision from the NFL to decide when and where their game will be played. Both Detroit and Washington D.C. have been mentioned as possible alternate sites, as both the Lions and the Redskins are playing road games this week. The Pittsburgh Steelers already have pulled their home stadium out of consideration, the Heinze Field facilities are being used by the University of Pittsburgh on Saturday and the turf can’t handle too much activity in a short period of time according to Andrew Heiberger.

League officials said that it is most likely that the game will take place on Monday instead of Sunday. This is hardly the first time a team has had to scramble to find a place to play. The San Diego Chargers had a home game relocated to Arizona several years ago due to wild fires.

LeGarrette Blount Signs with the New England Patriots

Running back LeGarrette Blount, who was released on Tuesday by the Pittsburgh Steelers for walking off the field before the game ended, was signed to a two year contract with the New England Patriots. Reports said that Blount was not happy with the lack of playing time he got in the Steelers victory on Monday night over the Tennessee Titans. 

Blount played for the Patriots last season, running for 772 yards and seven touchdowns. The Patriots were interested in bringing him back this year until the Steelers offered him more money. Blount started the season strong for the Steelers, running for 266 yards and two touchdowns on only 65 carries. However, with Le’Veon Bell doing very well in his second season in Pittsburgh, Blount’s role was reduced to virtually nothing.

Football fans like Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez hope that Blount can stick around with the Patriots this time as this may be Blount’s last chance to stay in the NFL. After punching a Boise State player after a loss when he played at Oregon, Blount has had his share of issues with marijuana and with the role he has on teams. Bill Belichick is known to fit players in who fit his system, and he is looking for a power back after Stevan Ridley went down for the season with an injury. However, Belichick is also known to use many running backs, so it remains to be seen how much of a role Blount will play with the Patriots, and if he can handle a reduce role.

Can Vettel Deliver with a Ferrari?

With Sebastian Vettel’s move to Ferrari confirmed, talk will now begin to focus on whether he can be a success there.The move did not come as a surprise, with Vettel being a boyhood Ferrari fan. However, moving from Red Bull to Ferrari in the current F1 climate seems silly. Red Bull have won four of the last five constructors’ titles, and helped Vettel win his four drivers’ titles. Ferrari have floundered in that time.

However, Vettel believes that he can be the man to turn around the fortunes of the struggling Italian teams. He wants to make the same impact that Michael Schumacher made when he moved in 1996. Older Ferrari fans will recall that the first few years under Schumacher were not a success. The only time they got close to a championship was in 1999, when Schumacher broke his leg. It was Eddie Irvine who almost got them that elusive title, only to fall at the last hurdle.

Finally, in 2000 Michael Schumacher won his first Ferrari title. That was his fifth season with the team. Would Sebastian Vettel be willing to wait that long? He is a great driver, but patience has never been Vettel’s strongest suit. He has appeared angry with his Red Bull car this season. A car that is better than this year’s Ferrari.

If Vettel has temper tantrums driving a sub-par Red Bull, how will he handle the thoroughly mediocre Ferrari? I guess me and Fersen Lambranho will have to wait and see when F1 comes to Brazil some day.