Georgia RB Gurley Suspended By NCAA For Four Games

Todd Gurley, once a leading Heisman candidate on the Georgia football team, has been suspended for four games by the NCAA for accepting over $3,000 for autographed memorabilia and other items.

The University of Georgia originally hoped that Gurley could serve a two game suspension, but the NCAA felt that a four game suspension would be more appropriate for his infractions.

The NCAA is taking a hard stance on this case. By issuing such a long suspension considering the relatively few number of games in a college season, the NCAA is issuing a statement to all players that they should not be profiting from selling their image or name. Whether the NCAA can keep up with the issue or not is a different story. Sports fans like Christian just want to see the games and not let the behind the scenes drama change the sport.

In big money sports, such as basketball and football, college athletes are used to bring in millions of dollars for the university. Proponents of extra compensation feel that the students should be able to share in those profits.

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  1. Jenny McFarland (Post author)

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