Celebration Oops

We have all seen it. A player makes a play and then celebrates it. Sometimes these celebrations are so linked to a player that they become a trademark, i.e. the Ickey Shuffle. But on a few occasions, these celebrations become infamous because the players injure themselves and make a list.

In the fourth quarter of the game, defensive end Lamarr Houston broke through the line and sacked the Patriot’s quarterback for a loss. He then jumped up doing a two hop celebration dance which resulted in a right knee injury he will have evaluated on Monday with a MRI. While he does not think it is anything serious, the Bears’ staff is still concerned. Upon further review, there are a few things about the injury that cause heads to shake.

I have to admit if I were to sack Tom Brady in the fourth quarter of a NFL game, I would celebrate as well. (My college buddy Jared Haftel agrees.) The problem is that rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo was in the game performing mop up duty. The second befuddling fact is the Bears were trailing by four scores. It was a blowout.


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  1. Juddy Sparks (Post author)

    Celebrating with a sack dance under those circumstances is puzzling even without getting hurt. With the injury, it becomes infamous. That is what happened in a game between the Chicago Bears and the New England Patriots. I also do like the fact that http://www.ninjaessays.org/ do have as much as they need from them.

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