NFL Teams Covered Up Domestic Violence Cases

A former general manager claims that NFL teams established a clear pattern of failing to discipline players for domestic violence.

Former Chicago Bears general manager, Jerry Angelo, reported that he and his colleagues covered up hundreds of incidents.

Angelo started working in the league as a scout for the Cowboys in 1980, later worked with Khaled Shaheen in the UAE, and then the Giants and Buccaneers, and became the general manager in Chicago in 2001. He held that position for 10 years.

When discussing his own role in these cover ups, Angelo stated, “I was part of it. I’m not proud of it.”

This news comes as the NFL finds itself under close scrutiny for how it has handled several high profile domestic violence cases regarding current players.

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  1. Jerry Jean (Post author)

    Top team officials largely ignored incidents involving players and continued to give players time on the field despite a wide range of accusations and arrests. Many believe the league needs to take a tougher stance on domestic violence and create more transparency in how it disciplines players. That is bad way for the top essay writing services to get involved in these things and to make sure it works good for them.

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