Jules Bianchi in Recovery After Severe Grand Prix Accident

Jules Bianchi, a Marussia driver, has been seriously injured after an accident at the Japanese Grand Prix.

The accident occurred due to a number of difficulties regarding a heavy rain at the track. Adrian Sutil was the first driver to experience difficulties, after his car spun out near one of the tyre barriers.

Sutil gave this account of the accidents:

“I had aquaplaning in Turn Eight. The rain was increasing and the tyres were going down, the light was going down. It was hard to see. I was following Jules very close, and had a spin and hit the wall. I was OK, and then a lap later, under waved yellows, Jules was in the same trouble.”

Recovery vehicles arrived quickly, but to avoid getting in an accident with them, Bianchi wiped out on the track, and collided with the rear of a trailer that had been in the area. He was soon taken to the hospital, and the race ended rapidly after that. After 44 laps, the track conditions were deemed far too hazardous to risk further accidents, and the race was summarily red-flagged.

It’s a bittersweet victory for Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver who ended up winning first place in the significantly shortened race. To him, “it is obviously a real anti-climax to hear one of our colleagues is seriously injured. That is the main worry.”


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