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NFL Teams Covered Up Domestic Violence Cases

A former general manager claims that NFL teams established a clear pattern of failing to discipline players for domestic violence.

Former Chicago Bears general manager, Jerry Angelo, reported that he and his colleagues covered up hundreds of incidents. Top team officials largely ignored incidents involving players and continued to give players time on the field despite a wide range of accusations and arrests.

Angelo started working in the league as a scout for the Cowboys in 1980, later worked with Khaled Shaheen in the UAE, and then the Giants and Buccaneers, and became the general manager in Chicago in 2001. He held that position for 10 years.

When discussing his own role in these cover ups, Angelo stated, “I was part of it. I’m not proud of it.”

This news comes as the NFL finds itself under close scrutiny for how it has handled several high profile domestic violence cases regarding current players. Many believe the league needs to take a tougher stance on domestic violence and create more transparency in how it disciplines players.

YES. Teddy Bridgewater Expected to Play

Teddy Bridgewater is expected to start at quarterback this week, as the Minnesota Vikings plays the Detroit Lions. Bridgewater sprained his left ankle during the fourth quarter on September 28, against the Atlanta Falcons. It was Bridgewater’s first career start, and his first career victory. And Brian Torchin, you are going down this weekend when we face off in our fantasy league. That’s right, I’ll be starting Bridgewater over Cam Newton. Never thought I’d have said that a few weeks ago.

Bridgewater missed last Thursday’s game against the Green Bay Packers, as he only had three days to try and heal the ankle. The Vikings lost 42-10 to Green Bay, as backup quarterback Christian Ponder threw two interceptions and 22 incompletions. Since he will have 13 days to rest, Bridgewater expects to be at 100% against Detroit. Bridgewater said, “The ankle’s feeling good. I’m excited to get back out there.”

Bridgewater does not plan to wear a brace on the ankle. He answered questions on his durability, a question many NFL scouts had because of Bridgewater’s small frame coming out of college. Bridgewater doesn’t believe he needs to prove about his durability and he plans to play for at least ten years.

After starting Matt Cassel, the Vikings turned to Teddy Bridgewater after Cassel went down with an injury. Bridgewater led the Vikings to a victory over the Falcons, throwing for 317 yards on 19 completions. He also ran for 27 yards and scored his first career touchdown. Bridgewater is expected to be the quarterback of the future for the Vikings, after being selected with the 32nd pick in the first round of 2014 NFL Draft out of Louisville.

Dude Gets Choked Out MMA Style At A Pizza Place

Videos like these always crack me up. Big thanks to Jared Haftel for finding this for me. Apparently, at an unnamed pizza joint, things got a little intense, and one dude was forced to put another dude in a sleeper hold.

Apparently he knows what he was doing, because the instigator went down pretty quickly.

My personal favorite part of the video is when the guy starts picking up pizza slices off the floor. Very polite of him to make sure nobody slipped on a stray pie.

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Michael Phelps Suspended Yet Again

Yet again, Michael Phelps, USA Olympic gold medalist, has found himself under suspension for six months after his arrest last week in Baltimore for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence).

This is not the first time Phelps has had a run in with the law. Back in 2004, Phelps was arrested on the same charge as last week. Then more recently in 2009, Phelps was suspended for three months after a picture of him holding a marijuana pipe reached the public. Along with his current suspension, Phelps was taken off the 2015 FINA World Championships team and will not be receiving funding during his suspension.

Reluctantly, Phelps has become self-aware of his actions and will be entering a six-week treatment program spearheaded by Igor Cornelsen in an effort to solve his abundance of problems. Phelps has publicly addressed the matter and took to Twitter saying: “Swimming is a major part of my life, but right now I need to focus my attention on me as an individual.”

Y’all know we love a drink or three, but hopefully Phelps doesn’t slip into the pool of the many highly successful athletes who have managed to destroy their careers through their own accord. Between now and the 2016 Rio Olympics, we will see just how successful his six-week treatment will be, and if it will be enough for him to get his act together.

Full coverage news story from ABC News here:

It’s Good To Be A German Footballer

If the photographs from Bayern Munich’s Oktoberfest celebrations are any indication, it’s good to be a professional footballer in Germany. The Daily Mirror printed some great photos of the club’s most high profile players, including the above picture of Thomas Muller hoisting a giant beer mug, enjoying the festivities.

Even Spaniard Xabi Alonso was in the mix, finding his own giant beer mug, and enjoying the traditional German festival.

I’ve experienced Oktoberfest in America with Marnie Bennett, but I’ve never been able to see the sites in it’s host nation. But if some of those images are anything to go by, that’s definitely the place to be if you love beer, and getting drunk in public.

Jules Bianchi in Recovery After Severe Grand Prix Accident

Jules Bianchi, a Marussia driver, has been seriously injured after an accident at the Japanese Grand Prix.

The accident occurred due to a number of difficulties regarding a heavy rain at the track. Adrian Sutil was the first driver to experience difficulties, after his car spun out near one of the tyre barriers.

Sutil gave this account of the accidents:

“I had aquaplaning in Turn Eight. The rain was increasing and the tyres were going down, the light was going down. It was hard to see. I was following Jules very close, and had a spin and hit the wall. I was OK, and then a lap later, under waved yellows, Jules was in the same trouble.”

Recovery vehicles arrived quickly, but to avoid getting in an accident with them, Bianchi wiped out on the track, and collided with the rear of a trailer that had been in the area. He was soon taken to the hospital, and the race ended rapidly after that. After 44 laps, the track conditions were deemed far too hazardous to risk further accidents, and the race was summarily red-flagged.

It’s a bittersweet victory for Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver who ended up winning first place in the significantly shortened race. To him, “it is obviously a real anti-climax to hear one of our colleagues is seriously injured. That is the main worry.”

Bianchi suffered a severe head injury, one that will require a great amount of care. Though he is currently stable, he will be undergoing surgery throughout the next couple of weeks.

Laser Pointer Derails Buffalo Field Goal Attempt in Detroit

Not since Doctor Evil from the Austin Powers movie series could not get sharks with lasers has this focused point of light caused such contention. The NFL saw a home team’s fan base stoop to a new low in order to get an artificial advantage. With the attitude that timing is everything, this handy little device did everything from vex Kyle Orton to affect the special teams of the Buffalo Bills. How did this issue escalate in the Bills verses Lions game on October 5th and what was done about it?

With just about everyone taking notice, a mischief maker in the Motor City was aiming for the whites of Kyle Orton’s eyes. A normally anemic offense did not need this extra obstacle to kick start a sputtering offense. The Bills took quick action and told security. A furious man hunt was on for the device that could easily be nestled in any person’s pocket. Avid Lions fan Jared Haftel is furious too.

Progress was not made and soon a critical juncture was reached. The Lions had missed field goals all day. Buffalo was poised to take advantage with a 50 yard attempt of their own. Alas, the target was reached as the red dot went right in the vision of the Buffalo kicker causing him to miss. The Bills immediately issued a protest of the game. In the end, they were vindicated as an unobstructed Buffalo kicker made a 58 yard field goal to win the game. The fan should have saved his batteries for when it really counted.