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Benefits of IP Geolocation services by LocationSmart

Is your company already exploiting the full power of IP geolocation benefits? If not, you don’t know how much you are missing – as far as interactions with your customers and support for your business activities is concerned. LocationSmart has got you covered.

The company offers a tried and tested as well as an effective platform for its customers to maximize the various benefits of IP geolocation.

LocationSmart is the leading provider of Location APIs in the world. The firm boasts of a reliable enterprise platform for asset tracking, verification, compliance, Cybersecurity and operational efficiencies.

The performance of IP geolocation goes beyond network uses. It includes the potential to improve your business in unimaginable ways. Particular uses could boost your profitability, enhance internal functions and processes, and more so, open doors that you might not be aware of.

  1. Satisfy legal requirements

Businesses operating in particular sectors are usually slapped with burdensome regulations. Some of these regulations pertain to the geographic location of the user. In some instances, the law requires the businesses to determine the geographical location of a potential customer before allowing them to access their products. A company operating in such an environment is likely to face considerable legal consequences if they don’t comply fully.

By using IP geolocation, businesses can firmly and correctly establish the geographic boundary within which the user is located. It also makes it easy for the customers because they don’t have to prove their location to access a product or service.

  1. Minimize risks associated with online fraud

Seeing that online fraud is increasingly becoming a severe problem, businesses have a responsibility of taking all the necessary precautionary measures. One such way is to collect the IP location when a client accesses company products via a network. A company can know when the account of the customer is being accessed from a different device or network. The firm can then act in good time to confirm the identity of the user and prevent possible fraud.

  1. Facilitates geo-specific advertising

The marketing department can take advantage of the IP geolocation data of the company’s target market. A business that knows when, where, and who is having access to its data and online services, can effect immediate communication with the customer. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Capterra

Technological communications such as push notifications can come in handy. Direct contact with a customer, such as a personalized phone call can also be productive. Take such opportunities to inform the customer about upcoming or ongoing promotions. Inform them about the features of a product that might interest them.

  1. Keep your network and assets secure

IP geolocation allows real-time access to data about the devices connected to your network as well as their locations. You can use this IP geolocation intelligence to identify hacking attempts and other malicious acts and in turn, act in good time.

  1. Copyrights and digital data protection

A good number of companies depend on protected data. A firm can only reap maximum profits from digital content if it can ensure that only authorized users have access to it. Content pirates are known to access, copy and distribute content freely, which denies the owner the opportunity to make money out of it.

When you know who is accessing your data and from where you can quickly determine if your data is falling into the wrong hands. If you identify unauthorized use, you can act immediately to decrease the impact.

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Why Do The USHealth Advisors Offer Health Information To Customers?

People who get insurance from USHealth Group get a lot of support from this company because they can easily come up with a plan that will make it easier for them to get the help that they need to live right. USHealth Group offers great insurance to their customers, and they provide their customers with a simple system to use that will work in any setting. If someone is reading about what USHealth Group is doing, they can learn about things like eating right and brain awareness. Learn more about USHealth Advisors at Better Business Bureau

  1. Brain Awareness

Brain awareness is a big art of what USHealth Advisors talk about, and there is a special week that is dedicated to brain health. If someone is trying to learn how to manage their memory or focus more, they can use the information from the USHealth Advisors to get healthier.

  1. Diet

People who want to start a new diet or change their eating habits can use the USHealth Advisors information to get the right foods into their diet. This is a great company to work with because they care about how healthy you are and they will give you a chance to improve your health by using the tips that they publish specifically for people like you.

  1. Conclusion

USHealth Advisors are good people to work with when you are trying to get insurance and learn a few health tips. You can change your life and improve your overall health, and you can continue reading with USHealth because they have so much good information for people like you. You never need to wonder how you can live a healthy life when your insurance company is fully-vested in how you are living. Plus, you can contact the advisors if you would like to talk to someone about your health options.

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Betsy Devos Is the Newest Supervisor for the Education Department

Betsy DeVos is the newest political figure to serve as the supervisor for the Education Department. Additionally, her home state of Michigan has provided an excellent service for conservatives. Michigan has done this because it has had the chance to serve as a proving ground for the organization of alternative academic institutions.


These academic institutions are often faith-based academies, which are supported by conservative individuals. Conservative individuals recommend the use of religious and educational facilities. They do this because these types of academies are more likely to teach the kind of traditional beliefs that right-wing political figures support.


On the other hand, the left-wing political figures that have repeatedly attacked Betsy DeVos disagree with these conservative and religion-based ideologies. Therefore, liberals opposed these types of private schools and the ideas they are likely to teach their pupils. There have been many battles between Betsy DeVos and her left-wing political rivals.


These battles are based around the fact that the liberal political figures disagree with Betsy DeVos and are opposed to the conservative beliefs that she supports. She also supports the founding of charter schools, which are private schools which are partly funded by public revenue. At the same time, Betsy DeVos advocates the issuing of charter school vouchers to all sorts of families.


She wants to do this so that even low-income families will be able to send their children to these charter schools. Liberal politicians are opposed to charter schools because these schools are run differently from the present public schools which are supported by these left-wing political figures. Conservative individuals have stated that public schools are controlled too heavily by the teachers’ unions.


Betsy DeVos wishes to increase the amount of funding provided for faith-based and private schools. These schools frequently do not have the same issues related to dealing with the teachers’ unions. The appointment of Betsy DeVos to the role of the leader of the Education Department was such a controversial appointment that it nearly did not pass successfully before the Senate.


Vice President Pence obtained an opportunity to act in his function as a tie-breaker for the Senate. He did this when it came time for the verification of Mrs. DeVos before the Senate as the new supervisor for the Education Department. Hence, Pence had to vote to confirm her appointment.


Betsy DeVos wishes to increase support for private schools as a satisfactory solution to teach the youngsters of the United States of America. The detractors of the existing public system believe that private schools may help to solve the issues endemic to the current system. Betsy DeVos has additionally expressed a desire to support some increased funding for Christian schools.


Betsy DeVos has come under fire for her desire to support the growth of these faith-based schools.


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Ashley Lightspeed is Ahead Of The Curve in Her Field

There are around 76 million baby boomers in the United States. This makes up about 29% of the US population. These baby boomers have a good amount of wealth and control around 80% of the population’s assets. They also make up over 50% of consumer spending in the USA. These figures reflect the creation of new industries that solely focus on serving this group as they age. A noticeable difference is that most baby boomers want to get old at home, or somewhere residential. They do not care for nursing homes, because many of their parents lived there during their twilight years. In addition, baby boomers also live much longer. These facts necessitate more readily available and better healthcare options. Ashley Lightspeed is an investor who is confident baby boomers will help to bring the healthcare industry into the 21st century. Ashley Lightspeed graduated from Stanford with her MBA. She has a strong reputation with helping startup companies and developing their growth strategy. Lightspeed is intrigued by the changing demographics of the US. She thinks baby boomers will call for better solutions throughout their aging process. See full article at

She is basing her strategy on the fact that baby boomers want to get older at home, instead of in a long-term facility. She calls this demographic “the middler’s.” She realizes that not all baby boomers are middler’s, and vice versa. She thinks, “Membership in this group is about a state of mind and way of life, rather than a specific age”. The middler’s, however, are growing rapidly because of the baby boomers getting older.

Ashley Lightspeed knows that middler’s will adopt technology to enhance their lives and make their lives safer at home. She has also realized that the tech industry is far behind in developing apps for middler’s. Lightspeed also realizes that the safety and health of boomers have vast potential. Lightspeed realizes the business opportunity with the situation. For more information on Ashley Lightspeed, visit:

Alastair Borthwick: A Successful Writer And Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick is noted for his successes as a writer and as a broadcaster. In both of these fields, Mr. Borthwick delved into a wide variety of subjects. He was a noted chronicler of life in Scotland where he was born in 1913. 

Mr. Borthwick began his career as a journalist. His first job was with the Evening Times based in Glasgow. He would later move on to the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Because the Glasgow Weekly Herald had such a small staff of writers, Mr. Borthwick had to write on a number of subjects. He became a respected source of information on news in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. 

During the 1930s, Alastair Borthwick took up the hobby of rock climbing in the area around Glasgow. While out on his rock climbing outings, he came into contact with many people who where getting out of the city in order to enjoy hiking and other natural pursuits

In 1939, Mr. Borthwick wrote what would be his most famous book. “Always A Little Further” told the stories of the people that Mr. Borthwick met as he walked and climbed in the Scottish Highlands. The book became recognized as one of the classics of outdoor literature. 

During World War II, Mr. Borthwick served with the 5th Seaforth Highlanders who were a part of the 51st Highland Division. Mr. Borthwick would pen another successful book entitled “Sans Peur” that told the history of this battalion.

After his war years, Alastair Borthwick settled into a career as a broadcaster. He worked with the BBC producing a number of programs related to Scotland. One of his series on life in Scotland after World War II ran for three years. 

In the 1960s, Mr. Borthwick worked for Grampian TV. The programs that he wrote and presented for this network ran the gamut of subjects from history to politics to music. One notable series from Mr. Borthwick’s time at Grampian was a series about Scottish infantry soldiers. 

Alastair Borthwick passed away in 2003. “Always A Little Further” maintains a broad readership to this day.

Luke Lazarus Is A Startup Consultant Who Understands The World Of Financing

Starting a new company is challenging, and it is even more challenging if you don’t have any kind of help. Luke Lazarus is a startup consultant who has been helping entrepreneurs to solve some of the biggest problems their startups face.

He has created multiple successful ventures of his own and is now dedicating his life to helping others by offering them his wisdom and experience. Most startups don’t stay around for more than a year, and 90 percent of them never succeed at all. While this is true, there are entrepreneurs like Lazarus who seem to have all of the answers.

Luke Lazarus has made so much money in his industry that he became open to dedicating his life to others. When you have millions of dollars and know how to generate more money whenever you need it, there isn’t much left for you to accomplish in the business world.

This is why he now helps others to accomplish their goals. In order to do so, he helps startups put together excellent business plans and branding strategies that will get their company in front of the customers and investors they are seeking. Read more: Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO | Dougsandler  and Luke Lazarus | Business

Luke Lazarus was born in Melbourne, Australia, and he has stayed in Australia in order to work with people in his region. After graduating from high school with an excellent GPA, he could have attended many different ivy league colleges. Instead, he made the decision to stay in Australia and study at the Melbourne Business School.

He eventually earned his MBA while studying at the school and then went on to create multiple successful companies. Lazarus sold every one of these companies later on and has been able to enjoy the profits from all of his hard work.

Luke Lazarus can identify when an entrepreneur is struggling because they lack the skills or knowledge to succeed. When he sees this kind of thing with his clients, he is quick to let them know. Lazarus believes that most entrepreneurs need to learn more about the art of marketing and how to get the financing they need. He also feels they need to know how to find the investors they are looking for before being able to try to convince them why it is a good idea to invest in their startup.

Luke Lazarus helps his clients to put together branding presentations that help to attract angel investors. He also knows how to fix many of the internal problems a startup may be having so they are ready to work with investors in the first place.

He has found that many entrepreneurs have no idea how venture capitalism can help them, and this is where he can step in and change their fortune for good.

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How Betterworks can help out businesses and other organizations


According to an article from, Betterworks is a Continuous Performance Management software that can assist growing businesses and help get the most out of teams. They were founded in 2013 and give organizations the tools to manage their teams and increase their productivity. It does this not by only tracking objectives but by monitoring each individual’s progress to list their strengths and weaknesses. This helps employees identify, navigate, and understand what they can be better at.

Anyone who is interested in Betterworks will have to contact them to get an estimate for how much it would cost them to add the performance management solution. Another article from Gazette Day points out how critiquing employees can have negative stigmas and attributes placed with it, so, Betterworks makes it easier and better by showing off what an employee does well and what they don’t. It gives more of an overview and can help workers feel better about themselves instead of feeling discouraged and stressed out about their results. Using the platform creates a positive work environment and helps businesses improve their standing. It can help motivate employees to do better instead of deterring them from continuing on with the company.


The article describes that Betterworks lists goals for workers to accomplish and eliminates bias. Betterworks has its own chat system so workers can communicate with managers and vice versa. Overall, the platform can be used as a vital tool for organizations and businesses to do better and be more productive.

Simplified Means of Email Organization

Unroll Me is a free service. It uses a straightforward interface to highlight all your subscriptions. For it, you can quickly sign up using your email address as well as either outlook, AOL, Yahoo, or Google accounts. Unroll. Me can also give you monthly notifications about new subscriptions if you wish.

Rakuten Intelligence owns Unroll. Me. Unroll. Me deals with email unsubscription services where you can have your inbox in order with the desired emails and free of unwanted emails. All this is quickly done with a single swipe or click. Rakuten Intelligence is a measurement business that deals with e-commerce. Its main aim is to make companies better understand how businesses are run. Signing up for Unroll Me means being a part of Rakuten Intelligence’s online shopping platform.

Rakuten Intelligence has and uses modern technology that facilitates identification, sorting, and extraction of information involving purchases from commercial emails. The technique takes no notice of personal mail; the information in them does not assist in the generation of the required market statistics and trends.

Consumers disregard information such as people’s addresses and names to come up with measurement items and products that give a better understanding of trends. Unroll Me has three main features that include unsubscribing, roll-up, and keep. The “unsubscribe” feature as earlier stated ensures that you unsubscribe from undesired emails.

The roll-up” feature which can be in either grid or list format includes the daily tab that has some of the desired subscriptions that you would like to retain but not urgent. The subscriptions can be added or removed from the roll-up tab at any instance. The subscriptions that are added to your roll-up are not directly attached to the inbox. Instead, they are included in a one-time per day roll-up and get they delivered at other specified time.

This use may either be at dawn, mid-day, or evening depending on your preference. The “keep” feature on the other side ensures that all the separate emails in your inbox are retained and these three features are factored together to bring about the easiest means of keeping your inbox organized at all times.

Max Salk The Financial Analyst With A Knack For Photography

Max Salk is a financial analyst from New York City was also a professional photographer. Max Salk is a very educated individual and has two degrees. In 2011 Max Salk graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a double major. He has been working in the financial industry ever since he graduated from college. He worked for PPM America for three years but his current position is with a company called Blackstone Group. Max Salk also has a love for his community and for the military. He donates his time to helping military veterans by being actively involved in charities such as the Navy Seal Foundation.

Even though Max Salk lives in New York City he tries to disconnect from that fast-paced lifestyle any chance that he gets and focus on living a simple life. He is familiar with technology and the use of technology as well but he does not chase the next and greatest technology if it does not increase productivity in his life or business. He also makes it a point to have an equal balance between his career and the few things that he loves to do such as landscape photography, travel, and sports. Because the world that we live in today is so unbalanced Max Salk just tries to make sure he leaves a balance life. There are many principles that Max Salk uses to lead this balanced life which includes having a successful career and a great personal life.The first thing in an interview on Max Salk talks about the importance of preparation. He gives an example of this preparation to how he started his landscape photography career. He was studying in the Netherlands and woke up one morning to go for a walk. He decided to take his camera and started taking pictures. If he did not have his camera on hand and wasn’t prepared he would not have found his passion for photography. 

Max Salk also talked about being able to adjust on the fly. The reason why this is important is because you never know when you may encounter an unexpected problem and have to come up with a solution instantly. Max Salk has a unique life and a very different perspective on things but his take on life has made him very successful. Outside of his success is also able to enjoy life and experienced a lot of different things. He has shown how a well balanced life is extremely attainable and even beneficial. Everyone should just try disconnecting every now and then from technology and just enjoy nature.

Wes Edens Is Improving The Outlook For A Beloved English Football Club

Wes Edens, a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, has been a name in the sports industry for several years after becoming a co-owner of NBA the Milwaukee Bucks several years ago. After the investor and entrepreneur purchased part of the team, it managed to go from no being competitive to being a major player. Currently, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference and one of their players is a frontrunner for the title of MVP. For the past three years, the team has been improving their win-loss records and it doesn’t look like they are going to slow down any time soon. Partially due to the efforts of their co-owner Wes Edens, the team has managed to increase their sales of merchandise around the world in addition to having recently opened up a new stadium.

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While Wes Edens may be familiar with co-owning a team in the United States, he recently decided to expand his sports holdings to England after purchasing a stake in the Aston Villa Football Club. The team may have been going through a rough patch in recent years, but with his history of helping teams make it back to the top things are looking good for the troubled organization. Currently, Aston Villa Football Club is working to earn a position back in the Premier League of England. The Premier League has brought the world some of the biggest names in football, or soccer in the United States, and the teams in the league are capable of bringing in 100s of millions of dollars each year.

One of the reasons why Wes Edens has so much faith in the team is that they have been part of the Premier League in the past until being ousted a few years back. In 1982, they even managed to make it to the top after winning the European Cup. After having a fair share of problems and losing momentum, the team was taken out of the Premier League in 2016 and since then has been working on claiming their spot of prominence once again in Europe.