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MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Sheds Light About The Life Of An Impersonator

They embrace their mode of dressing, mimic their voices, walk, behave, and most importantly, their looks. This is the life of most look-alikes around the world that have taken up the identities of musical and movie stars. They have adopted these similarities and made a career out of it.
An article by R7, highlights the life of such An impersonator, Michael Jackson’s look-alike, Sergio Cortes. In his Facebook profile, Sergio posts that being an artist with a great composing, singing, dancing, and acting is not for everyone. He further says that possessing great resemblance for an artist as famous as Michael is not just a career is not easy and considers his resemblance of Michael Jackson not a career but a privilege.
Sergio is a Brazilian born Spanish speaker introduced to the world of look-alikes at a young age and later following it and making a career out of it. He confirms that at a young age, his mother revealed to him how much he resembled Michael who was at the time starting his career with the Group Jackson 5. This is how his interest for Michael’s singing, dancing and general behavior before his fans and the press.
His interest for Michael was further heightened when one day in his teenage years got a photo shoot invite. In this, he was to dress up like Michael and have some photos taken of him that would later be sold in the name of Michael. This single was the basis of his major break-through; it gained him enormous popularity and saw him booked into various shows and especially the American Idols international tours as well as a massive following in his Twitter and over 160,000 fans on his Facebook page.

It is on these social media platforms that he interacts with his fans, discusses and receives promotions from potential promoters on new shows. He, nevertheless, expresses how deeply traumatized he was by the death of the pop icon in 2009 in Los Angeles, USA. He says it was especially difficult for him given how deeply he had incorporated pop icon’s life into his life. He notes that his performances are one way of overcoming his loss and that of the late singer’s fans.
Sergio’s impersonation of Michael is not an isolated case. Various look-alikes all across the world continually imitate their favorite stars. In Brazil especially, the most idolized and impersonated figures include Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas and Ronaldinho.

Lawyers in Brazil Help Their Clients

Legal systems evolve all the time. Changes in local legal systems are not uncommon. Many people who are in charge of a given will want to have a legal system that is ready to meet the challenges of the new century and help people of all backgrounds get access to justice. Those working within the confines of such a system will also want to make sure they have done their best to guarantee their clients the chance to be able to have access to a system that works well for all of those who come into contact with it in some way.

This is very much true of places all over the world including Brazil. This is one of many reasons why lawyers such as Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho work hard to help make sure the local area legal system is as modern and up-to-date as possible. Those who are able to work closely with the legal system here will find that lawyers such as Carvalho are able to provide them with the kind of assistance they need to be able to understand all aspects of Brazilian justice system and enable them to get access to the best possible legal help.

Carvalho is one of Brazil’s leading lawyers and a specialist in many areas of law. His work in this field has helped him provide much needed assistance for those who are facing any kind of legal issue in front of the Brazilian courts and need a skilled assistant at their side at all times. He has been directly involved in many areas of Brazilian law and helped to bring the Brazilian justice system forward as Brazilians strive to meet the challenges of contemporary law and make sure their legal system is in line with such agreed upon international standards of justice.

His work in this field has included the defense of many clients from all walks of life who seek skilled representation as they confront a legal issue of some kind. Carvalho started out in a small law firm. His talents in this field were quickly noted and allowed him to begin to establish a much larger law practice that is devoted to providing the best possible legal counsel to clients who look to him for advice and comfort as they face any kind of legal issue directly. His counsel has helped many clients gain access to skilled advice that helps them get the outcome they want.

Those who work closely with the Brazilian justice system are pleased to note how the system is currently evolving and what they can do to help it continue to evolve well in the future. Those who work in the system realize that it must be as responsive as possible to the needs of both Brazilians and the needs of those who are planning to work here and invest here from abroad at the same time. The result will be a system that continues to move forward as future developments warrant it.

An Overview Of MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes

Several people have been trying to impersonate Michael Jackson, but Sergio Cortes is the favorite of them all. Sergio was born and raised in Spain, Barcelona, 44 years ago, is recognized for his ability to create a true image of Michael Jackson. Sergio has managed to copy the legendary ‘King of Pop’ not only his dancing style and form dressing but his physical appearance and mannerism are similar to that of MJ. Sergio’s interests in copying Michael began when he was a small boy. Initially, he was not impersonating MJ but loved his dancing moves hence tried to dance like him.

After some time, people were attracted to Sergio since his physical appearance looked like that of MJ. His career as an impersonator of Michael Jackson began when a local journalist posted his photos and videos online, and Sergio Cortes was recognized as a star. His videos were appraised by many fans and he received performance requests from several shows. During his teenage years, millions of people attended his shows to watch him singing and dancing like MJ. He realized that he has a talent and his future in the showbiz industry. As Sergio was getting older, he started to learn how to tune his sound like Michael’s and improving his dancing moves and styles.
Sergio Cortes has capability to perform just like MJ and this is an advantage he has over the other impersonators. Today, Sergio’s moves, sounds and looks are very much similar to the legendary MJ. He has a lot of videos online that shows his skills and talents in mimicking MJ’s moves when dancing and singing his songs. When Sergio puts together the music, costumes and dancing styles, he is able to bring back MJ’s character on the stage. The audiences attending his shows are left mesmerized by his performance. Sergio lives in Brazil and is recognized as a celeb by the locals.

In the entire South America, Sergio is recognized by many fans for his talent and skills in copying MJ. These fans have no doubt that Sergio is the best looking impersonator of Michael and loves him with equal measures just like the legendary ‘King of Pop’. He has managed to attract many fans in his social media accounts because of his performance. As many people have tried to impersonate MJ, Sergio has emerged as the best among them all and he will continue to be as long as he is still performing.

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Sergio Cortes Is Considered The Greatest Music Impersonator In The World

Sergio Cortes is a marvel within the world of professional impersonators. He was fortunate enough to have been born with the physical features, vocal patterns, dance moves, body shape and compassionate spirit of his music idol – Micheal Jackson. Ever since Cortes was a child in Spain, people would pay him to sing and dance to Micheal Jackson songs. He has always had an uncanny ability to sing Jackson’s songs with skill and to mesmerize crowds with his impressive dance moves. During Cortes’ teenage years, he decided to use his talents to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator and to entertain MJ fans worldwide.

Ever since Cortes made the decision to become an MJ impersonator, he has been fulfilling his dreams by touring the globe and bringing joy and inspiration to MJ fans everywhere he goes. When Cortes steps on a stage or enters into a room, his fans go into a frenzy as they snap his picture, touch his garments and ask for his autograph, for his resemblance to Jackson makes his fans feel like they are enigmatically closer to the late and great King of Pop.

Cortes is a master performer with natural dance talents and a beautiful singing voice. His live shows are filled with high energy, loud cheering and tears of joy as MJ fans clap to their favorite Jackson songs while Cortes dazzles them with the dance moves that made Micheal Jackson the most famous entertainer on the planet. Cortes’ shows are professional exhibitions that are choreographed with backup dancers, vivid costumes and props that reflect themes from famous MJ videos and performances. When Cortes performs, he does more than moonwalk and spin on his heels, for he has captured all of the gestures and subtle motions that are considered signature Micheal Jackson moves.

The world of professional impersonators is one that is challenging because fans expect the performer to capture nearly every attribute of a particular artist. Some impersonators are able to reflect an artists’ appearance, fashion style or vocal patterns; however, very few are born with the physical characteristics of the artist they impersonate, and even fewer have the inherent talents of their target. Cortes defies all of these obstacles, for him and Jackson share so many non-tangible and physical qualities, such as their jawline, lips, eyes, body type, voice, gentleness and humility. Many critics have labeled Cortes as the greatest impersonator in history, and Cortes reaffirms their claims as he is received with open arms by millions of Micheal Jackson fans worldwide.

Fiscal Market Specialist Gets it Right

Fiscal success is something in life that many people to achieve. The chance to be able to have a nest egg that is growing and keeping pace with inflation or even beating the market is one that many people seek out. People may find it hard for them to be able to achieve such fiscal success on their own will often find that it helps to have someone on their side who can provide them them with the kind of assistance they need. Someone who understands the markets well and can work within the framework of the market structure is often someone who is able to have the success they really need in life. Skilled financial managers such as Ken C. Griffin are noted for their ability to help people use the market effectively. Griffin has been able to demonstrate his skill with the market and helped show others have the marketplace can be used in order to help people around the world find economic opportunity. His work in this field has helped enjoy a great deal of financial success as well as illustrated his devotion to helping others to the same. Business Insider said his work has also helped lead to the creation of many jobs both locally in the United States and jobs across the world for those who work with him and his associates. His skills and understanding of the market have led him to a fortune that is estimated as one of world’s highest, with a net worth that is in the billions. According to wikipedia, Griffin is one of the world’s richest men as a result of his own skills. Griffin’s understanding of the markets began early when he was just a child. Growing up in a town along the coast of Florida allowed him to observe the marketplace in action. This part of the world attracts many people both from the United States as well as those from abroad who are looking for the chance to escape the cold and snow of their own lands. While here, he was able to prepare for this entrance in Harvard. At Harvard, he continued to explore the world of investments and the ways in which economics and financial markets can make the lives of people better. In doing so, he has helped people from other parts of the world learn as much about the world of finance as he has and have the same chances to be able to invest in the right way to get the kind of results that are ideal for all of their needs. The company that he founded, Citadel, has chosen to focus on the world of hedge fund management. This company is noteworthy as one of the world’s largest funds and one of the world’s most successful with highly impressive returns for all of those who choose to invest in it with Griffin. His dozens of employees are noted for their devotion to the needs of their customers as they help them get needed important fiscal advice.

Sergio Cortes Looks So Much Like Michael Jackson

When most people think of an impersonator, they’ll generally turn their noses up and snub them for not being as good as the person they’re imitating. Many have bad things to say about impersonators, especially ones who impersonate big stars like Michael Jackson. It’s been a running joke over the years that there are too many Michael Jackson impersonators, and these impersonators range in colors from black to white. Some impersonators have nailed Michael Jackson’s style and look while others are dismissed because they don’t favor Michael at all. Over the many years that Michael Jackson has been performing, he’s had impersonators from all over the world.

Although there may not be an official Michael Jackson impersonator in every country around the world, many countries have their own imitator of Michael Jackson, and the best imitator is Sergio Cortes, who currently lives in Brazil. Brazil is well known for the Amazon, the sunshine, the beaches, and the girls, but now Brazil is also well-known for having the best Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just impersonate Michael Jackson; he embodies Michael Jackson completely. Sergio looks and acts exactly as Michael did, and Sergio is even reclusive and shy like Michael was.

Those who have never seen Sergio perform can easily go to one of his social media pages and watch videos of his performances, and it will be difficult to declare that it’s not Michael Jackson performing in the videos. Sergio has studied Michael so well over the years that he can dance just like Michael, and Sergio even re-created some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and songs for the public. Many people around the world love Sergio Cortes, and he’s been on enough television shows to where people all over the world now know who he is. Sergio is an amazing Michael Jackson imitator, and Sergio looks exactly like Michael too.

Looking like Michael Jackson isn’t enough, so Sergio made sure to learn every single dance move that Michael performed, Michael’s choreography, Michael’s mannerisms, and he even studied all of Michael’s songs. With all the songs that Michael has had over the years, it’s unbelievable that one person would know so much about the star, but Sergio Cortes wants to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator alive. Although we’ll all miss Michael Jackson forever, Sergio can help us all to remember Michael fondly, especially when he performs on stage.

New York City Real Estate Luxury Market Improves

According to the article on Luxury Daily, the NYC apartments for rent market is making drastic improvements. In fact, the growth from the third quarter of 2015 has rivaled any growth and projections from the past seven years. According to a report released from Street Easy, one out of every five homes in Manhattan is considered to be a luxury. The asking prices are high and the market is attractive for not only the locals but also the internationals that come here in search of jobs. Both Manhattan and Brooklyn are projected to continue to increase their growth throughout the end of this year and into 2016.

As far as rent prices are concerned, they are at an all-time high. With the average one bedroom unit renting for $3,339 a month, the 10.7 percent increase shows that landlords can make a killing by having a couple rental units in the city of Manhattan. In Brooklyn, the rise for median rental rates was only up about 1.5 percent. Those who want to rent or buy in Manhattan will find that the inflated costs make it higher than it’s ever been. This weighs heavily on the affordability factor for the area. However, those who are just looking to the area for its posh amenities will be pleasantly surprised.

It’s no wonder that the rich and famous like to keep a penthouse suite here in the Big Apple. Though finding the right place takes having the right team working with you. The average home sales price in Manhattan is nearly one million dollars at $928,000. With that being the average, the prices just go up from there. Still, no matter what price range you are looking in, you want someone who can help you along the journey.

Town Real Estate is one of the few firms in town that have ample agents and experience on their side. With a vast knowledge of the downtown area and all the boroughs, this is one team that works hard to ensure that all of their clients are happy. They handle both the upscale rentals and homes for sale. So anyone who is relocating to the area can take advantage of all their relocation services. Since they work with so many people who are not from the area, they know how to utilize all the cities services for those who need the help.

Town Real Estate has been in business since 2010. Under the executive leadership of Andrew Hemberger, Wendy Maitland, Itzy Garay, and Joseph Sitt. They have four office buildings located all over the city that makes getting to their office with ease. With ample listings for both rentals and purchases, they are the firm to call first.

Jaime Garcia Dias: A Shooting Star

How many people are professionally successful in their twenties? How about their teens? It’s really something to think about, isn’t it? Oftentimes people watch television, they watch movies, they watch sporting events or read books–and who are the writers, actors, directors, and authors in such scenarios? Are they seasoned veterans, or young people? Well, most of the time, they’re going to be veterans. But when young people do make a profound impact, it’s usually of the “flash-in-the-pan” variety that has no real endurance behind it. So when a man begins writing in his teens and uses that to successfully parley a career that sees a novel published about every year and a half, it’s something to catch anyone’s attention. In this case, that man is Jaime Garcia Dias.

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in seventies Rio de Janeiro to educated parents. Dias’ father was already a prominent writer in his own right, and Jaime Garcia has definitely indicated his father’s perspicacity with the written word likewise drew him in. He didn’t mention his mother as an influence, but there’s no way she could not have been. Jaime Garcia Dias’ mother was an architect of no small acclaim, and her personality and life experiences definitely made an impression on Diaz and his writing, if subtly.

By the age of forty-five, Dias has written some twenty different fictional novels and produced several popular YouTube videos. He has been a teacher over five years at one of Rio’s premiere literary institutions, and he eventually even became president of that same institution! It’s a literary school which educates young students who have completed high school on the merits and theory behind cogent literature. Not only has Jaime Garcia Dias become exceptionally successful, but he is determined to teach others how to do the same thing.

Most recently, Jaime Garcia Dias has written a book which is a compilation of articles hearkening back to his early childhood in Rio, some of them compiling various blog articles from his past. The articles were written on a weekly basis for a local paper before they were compiled, and deal most prominently with Dias’ childhood in the bustling, diverse metropolis of Rio de Janeiro.

There is a lot to find in the category of “muse” throughout Rio. It’s a city of extreme beauty, and extreme ugliness. Extreme riches, and extreme poverty. Extreme jubilation via Carnivale, and extreme destitution via slums. In and throughout this cultural cornucopia was young Dias as a teen, learning the ways of the world and how to translate them into the written word. He has, for good reason, become a shooting star of literary delight in the Brazilian community. At the top of his game, it is hopeful that Dias will continue to shine; producing many more astonishing works throughout his career.

Andy Wirth Says Just Breathe

Andy Wirth used Just Breathe, the song by Pearl Jam, as a mantra that quite possibly saved his life. Wirth was skydiving, a sport he had recently taken up and became passionate about when a series of circumstances caused him to experience a near-fatal accident.

The winds had kicked up that afternoon and the pilot overshot the landing zone. While freefalling Wirth had to chose between trying to put down around a set of high-tension power lines or in a vineyard. Choosing the vineyard, another gust of wind pushed Wirth into a metal pole holding up the wires the vines anchored on. The pole tore nearly all of his right bicep off and severed the brachial artery. Wirth, who had at one time been a backcountry guide and medic, understood that the loss of blood could kill him. Tearing off a piece of cloth, he was able to slow the flow until help arrived. He kept himself calm and coherent by singing the words of Just Breathe. After forty surgeries and fifty days in the hospital, doctors were able to save Wirth’s arm.

Wirth is currently the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The resort is one of the top ski destinations in the world hosting some 600,000 guest a year. Wirth took over from the Cushing family that had owned and managed the resort since its inception in the 1940’s. Wirth was able to reinvest $70 million in the resort rebuilding and improving the facilities reestablishing it as a top resort. Wirth was also instrumental in the merger of the neighboring Alpine Meadows resort.

Starting out as a graduate of Colorado State Univeristy, Wirth began his career working as an intern for Steamboat Springs Resort. Over his twenty year career with Steamboat and their buyout from Intrawest, Wirth left as the chief marketing officer when offered the position at Squaw Valley.

In addition to his work at Squaw Valley, Wirth serves as the chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Airport Authority and Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee. Recently Wirth published an op-ed piece in the Reno News-Gazette coming out in strong support of the Reno City Council’s resolution encouraging the green power initiative.

While undergoing rehab for his arm, Wirth meant a group of Navy SEALs also in rehab for injuries suffered in combat. He started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their medical expenses and to enable them to field a team for the Tahoe Ironman.

James Dondero, Successful Entrepreneur with a Midas touch on Investments

James Dondero has had a successful career that he continues to build by the day. He boasts of experience spanning more than 30 years as an investment banker. James Dondero has been an active player in the credit markets having started his career with the popular Morgan Guaranty training program. He has had unmatched success in the equity and credit markets. James has specialized in high yielding and distressed markets.

James Dondero attended the prestigious University of Virginia where he undertook his undergraduate degree. He graduated with top honors in accounting and finance. After his graduation, James Dondero joined the Morgan Guaranty training program before securing a job with the American Express. He worked at the American Express as a corporate bond analyst and portfolio manager. Due to his competence and experience, James Dondero was employed by the GIC to serve as its chief investment officer. GIC is a branch of Protect Life, a large insurance company. Within a period of five years, James Dondero developed the subsidiary by starting it from scratch and developing the company to have an asset base of over $2 billion.

After registering success at GIC, James Dondero opted to establish his own venture. In 1993, he co-founded Highland Capital Management. This investment company has successfully pioneered a number of initiatives within the investment sector. In addition, the firm has been coming up with creative strategies aimed at providing sound investments. Highland Capital Management broke new ground with the collateralized loan obligations. Its core business is offering solutions to retail as well as institutional clients around the globe. The registered offices of the company are located in Dallas. Owing to the dynamism of its service, Highland Capital Management has managed to expand its operations through its new offices in Singapore, London, and New York. Highland Capital Management is a leading alternative investment management company that runs hedge funds, distressed investments, and structured investments. The company has over $18 billion worth of assets under its management.

James Dondero is the current chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank among many other organizations. Over the years, he has been appointed in the boards of different organizations. Some of these organizations are the MGM Studios, NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc as well as the American Banknote. James Dondero is an active supporter of charity organizations that anchors their efforts on educational matters, public policies, and veteran affairs. He has donated millions of his cash towards these courses.

In his successful career, James Dondero has won many awards and accolades particularly concerning his exemplary management style. In 2014, he was awarded the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities. He also received a 5 star award for Global Allocation.

James Dondero is known to have a Midas touch when it comes to investments. He is a sure bet in making profits and this rare ability makes him standout from other investment bankers. His knowledge on investment has not only fetched high returns to clients but has also boosted his net worth. James Dondero is a Certified Management Accountant and a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst.