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American Addiction Centers: Show The Real You

Because of your addiction, the world has not really seen the real you in a long time. They have only seen the version of you that is struggling with an addiction. It’s not the real you, though, and the people that really know you are well aware of it. It makes them very sad to see what has happened to you because of your addiction. They want the old you back as soon as possible.

Now, they don’t expect it to happen in an instant, but if they see that you are making progress, it makes the people in your life very, very happy. These are people that love and care about you deeply. The AAC (American Addiction Centers) is going to help remind you of what’s truly important in life.

It starts by understanding when the addiction first came into your life. Once they have a feel for that, they can help fix the issue. They just need to know how it started in the first place. Did you lose your job? Did you go through a breakup? Is it part of your DNA? Read more: American Addiction Centers Network Of National Facilities and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

Sometimes when something stressful happens in someone’s life, they turn to substances to help deal with the pain. That is not the answer to the problem, however. It is only going to make things worse for the individual. They are not dealing with their real issues. The AAC wants people to deal with what’s really going on inside of them.

They have professionals that have many years of addiction training working at their treatment centers. They use this experience to help figure out how to help you get to the right place in life once again. The AAC knows the true version of you wants to return. It is going to do what is necessary to get it to come out for the world to see once again. With addiction, it likes to stop people in their tracks for a period of time.

However, after you get the proper treatment, the addiction starts to lose its power over you. It doesn’t have the same control it once had over you. It loses all of its power. That is what the AAC wants to see happen for you or anyone else that is currently struggling. They want the addiction to have zero power over you.

It is always great for the AAC when they see someone return to their authentic self. Even though they have helped, they know you are the one that put in all of the hard work and made it a reality. It might have been rocky for a while, but you are back and here to stay.

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LocationSmart Has Made Location-as-a-Service a Business Necessity

Businesses have spent the last few decades benefiting a great deal from a growing internet infrastructure. While the upside has been an ability to reach new groups of consumers no matter where they may be, constant connectivity has provided a growing list of security concerns. LocationSmart has earned their position as a trusted industry because of how they interpret data, what it does to secure business, and opens a path for companies to grow.


LocationSmart was once known as TechnoCom Location Platform when they opened up in the mid 1990s. They were one of the few location-as-a-service companies operating then, and is now one of the largest in the country. They specialize in IP data assessment and geolocation so businesses can be alerted to the vulnerabilities aimed at compromising their once-secure networks so they can get back to serving their customers.


Looking at trends in mobile device usage, telecom Cisco analyzed how people are getting online these days and found that mobile usage is on the rise. By their assessment, they’ve determined that by 2021 people will be using up to four separate mobile devices to communicate and conduct business online each day. That’ll lead to an increase in IP addresses as even more data gets used, and LocationSmart can do a lot with that information.


Businesses regularly track IP addresses in order to keep login records. Those can be rendered useless is users are logging in with the use of IP maskers or a VPN. This would also allow users to ignore content locked off by region or conduct transactions that may not be legally permitted where they are. Geolocation is the method LocationSmart uses to determine if users are where they claim to be, and when it’s proven that they aren’t a business can respond accordingly.


Fraud cases like this can be a more regular problem for businesses working in streaming content and online gaming. Even without obscuring IP addresses, many users engage in password sharing, making restricted content available to non-subscribers. With Geolocaiton, LocationSmart can determine if a case of many IP addresses are the result of a user who frequently travels and a user sharing their login credentials with friends, undermining a business’ entire subscription service.


While security is a big deal for tech-minded businesses, it’s not the only way LocationSmart can be of use.


Localization is when a business tailors their approach in order to have a chance at reaching customers in new regions or of a different background. This can mean redesigning apps or websites to carry a new language, take cultural differences into account, and appeal to consumer trends. What LocationSmart does is assess the reach and screen time of mobile users in an area, and their average signal strength. With all that data on hand, a business has a greater chance at providing those potential customers more of what they want.


As data becomes increasingly valuable to businesses in any industry, LocationSmart becomes more essential to daily operations. Location-as-a-service goes beyond security and advertising and can direct communications internally, monitor payloads, and keep a business abreast of data needs at a time when the global economy grows more interested with the place of technology in business.


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Alastair Borthwick: Soldier, Broadcaster, And Author

Alastair Borthwick is known for “Always A Little Further” and “Sans Peur” literary works that were published in 1939 and 1946, respectively. “Always A Little Further” was about experiencing the outdoors through climbing in the Scottish Highlands during the 1930s. “Sans Peur” was about the experience of being a Scottish soldier during the second world war. Sans Peur was later republished as “Battalion” in 1994.

Alastair Borthwick

Today, we take a closer look at the Scottish author and broadcaster behind the famous books. In an article dated October 9th of 2003, the article begins to introduce Alastair Borthwick and describes him as an outdoor enthusiast, a person of whom “was passionate about climbing in the highlands of Scotland …” It then reveals that, at the time the article was written, Alastair Borthwick had recently passed away (September 2003). He is further described as a “rare talent” and briefly talks about his two books, “Always A Little Further” and “Sans Peur”, as briefly mentioned.

Next, the article accounts for his early life stating that the author was born in a town in Scotland. It specifically indicates the town of Rutherglen in Lanarkshire as his birthplace but was raised in another Scottish town. He later attended high school in Glasgow.

At the young age of 16, the article states that Mr. Borthwick was employed by the Evening Times as a copytaker. During his time there, he wrote and edited articles on various topics including “compiling the crossword.” It was working at the Evening Times that introduced the young Borthwick to activities involving the outdoors. Particularly, the article states that he found his interest in “rock-climbing.” Throughout the years, and through his newly acquired interest as an outdoor enthusiast, Mr. Borthwick authored his first book, “Always A Little Further”. The article continues to account for Mr. Borthwick’s professional career. Then, the article moves forward to talk about Mr. Borthwick as a broadcaster for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). His passion and enthusiasm for the outdoors became the topic of his broadcasts.

Later, Mr. Borthwick served in the military beginning as a private to later becoming captain, leading “600 men.”

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Jason Colodne: Financial Services, Harrison Ford, And Hollywood

When one thinks of successful financial services professionals, picturing them hanging out with acclaimed Hollywood actor Harrison Ford is not the first thought that comes to mind. However, for those who know financial services executive and entrepreneur Jason Colodne, this picture is exactly what comes to mind over and over again. Whether meeting with clients on Wall Street or traveling to Hollywood to talk with movie executives about his next project, Jason Colodne demonstrates each and every day how one person can achieve excellence in very different career areas.

The founder of Colbeck Capital Management since 2009, Jason Colodne has used his skills in financial services, personnel management, strategic planning, and other areas to make Colbeck Capital Management one of the premier financial services companies in the world. Working with clients from all facets of numerous industries, Colbeck Capital Management has gained a worldwide reputation for its ability to perform complex portfolio management, investment analysis, documentation, and other areas that lead to profitable results.

Before finding his way to Colbeck, Jason Colodne honed his financial skills at some of the world’s most prestigious financial firms. Having spent years at such firms as Patriarch Partners, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs, Jason used his natural ability in sales to help each firm achieve greater profit volume. In fact, while at Morgan Stanley, he was deemed to be responsible for helping the firm build a loan volume exceeding $19 billion.

While many people would be very happy with their success in the business world, Jason Colodne has also chosen to pursue a path leading to Hollywood success. In becoming one of the industry’s most popular movie producers, he has achieved excellent results with a style that is very hands-on from start to finish. Due to this approach, many of his movies have been very successful over the past decade. As the producer of Brick Mansions, Paranoia, Earth to Echo, and Act of Valor, Jason Colodne has developed a distinctive style all his own. In fact, as his reputation has grown within Hollywood movie circles, actors such as Harrison Ford have been more than willing to sign on to his projects.

After achieving so much success in his career, Jason Colodne has decided that while his business and movie careers are still very important, so is giving his time to organizations that focus on helping those who need assistance with the basics of daily life. Knowing he is very fortunate in many areas of his life, he works with families and young children through the Children’s Tumor Foundation. In his role as a committee member, he meets those who can only wish their lives would return to normal.

No matter what project he may be working on next, it is clear Jason Colodne is always willing to give of himself to help others. From giving a cancer patient new hope to advising a young entrepreneur on how to proceed in starting a business, there is no doubt Jason will always be there to help. Learn More:

OSI Industries: To Co-Manufacture The Impossible Burger

OSI Industries is the main global supplier of value-added food products to the world’s leading food service, and retail food brands. We are one of the largest, privately-held food companies in the United States having 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries and regions focused on making high-quality custom food products. OSI can support your operation’s presence as well as its future growth. OSI Industries is best known for supplying food to McDonald’s in order to increase the output of plant-based burgers. OSI Industries has worked with McDonald’s for 60 years. Burger King’s Impossible Whopper had not anticipated the level of demand that came from consumers.

The Impossible Burger is a meatless hamburger patty made entirely from plants, which is better for the environment as it was manufactured in a low-emissions process. It has grown its profile and introduced its product into food chains as well as stores in a global manner. The meatless burger is a new trend that non-meat eaters are driving. OSI Industries may not want to find themselves on the wrong side of history with meat on the verge of being replaced with vegetables. If equivalent products can be made that have as much protein as a meat patty, then the experiment will have paid off. Check out to learn more.

Impossible Foods is based out of Redwood City, California with a plant in Oakland, California. OSI Industries will give Impossible Foods the ability to significantly increase its ability to manufacture. The meatless food supplier will be able to increase its production of sustainable food products due to growing demand. OSI Group attempts to provide meat products to the consumer that is manufactured responsibly. However, Impossible Foods has trouble meeting the public’s demand for meatless foods, despite breaking records for the number of burgers made. Meat sales are down because of the demand for vegetable burgers going up because the meatless burger has high franchised potential. Meat producers and meatless companies are not enemies but can become powerful allies, especially if meatless meat can taste like real meat in the end which will have people willing to try it. Connect:

Unroll Me: An email saver

It’s no secret that our email inboxes can become flooded with unwanted emails that we have never even touched or considered to read. They continue to linger in our inboxes either it be from friends or a politically motivated machine. Emails can come in the form of a newsletter, alerts or daily deals that we have no interest in using or signing up for. The entire list of our messages can be made up of those we haven’t read or there are some important ones that we’d like to keep. 

In today’s market, surprisingly, there really isn’t that many tools we can use to stop the barge of email notifications unless we take the time to go through each one. Finally, there is a new application on the market that ease your worries. is a new service that is free to use that has a great interface that allows you to unsubscribe from all emails by one click. All you need to do is head over to now and enter your credentials for Google, AOL, Outlook or your Yahoo account. If none of these are what you use, then simply try an email address. You will get a list of subscriptions that give you the opportunity to either keep an email in the inbox, add to Rollup or basically Unsubscribe. Once you hit that click button for the Unsubscribe option on all email you don’t want to receive any more you will be free. 

If you decide there are some subscriptions you want to remain in your inbox, then use the Add to Rollup option. This will create a grid to where you can have a once a day digest sent anytime during the day of these newsletters. This list allows you to delete and add subscriptions any time you want.

Jeremy Goldstein Committed to the Fight against Mental Illness

New York favorite attorney Jeremy Goldstein previously hosted a charity event dubbed mental illness you are not alone. The event that aimed at honoring Jim Finkel, a mental wellness ambassador was held at the Nomad Hotel Roof Deck. Those that attended the event paid a 5000 dollar ticket fee and were served with sumptuous, delicious meals and a collection of classic wine vintages from the wine master E. Guigal. The event that was held on May 21st began at precisely 6 pm and ended at 10 pm. The event was aimed at helping to raise money for fountain house a charitable non-profit organization whose mission is to help those that are affected by mental illness in the community. Mental illness has become an epidemic not only in the US but globally. Many people are suffering from the condition, and it is still unfortunate that there is still a stigma surrounding the disease.

Fountain House was founded in the year 1944 by a group of about six people who were mental health patients. The organization in 1948 was able to raise funds for purchasing a building that had a fountain at the garden. The group saw the fountain as a fitting symbol for its goals and decided to name their organization Fountain House formally. The organization, since its formation, has been striving to help mentally ill patients recover from the conditions. The organization achieves its mandates by ensuring that people with mental illness live in decent housing and have means to support themselves both socially and economically. Fountain house besides provides its members with educational opportunities as well as offer them the chance to showcase their talents to the community.

Fountain House, since its establishment, has made much difference in society and has achieved a lot. Among the organization, accomplishments include helping more than 42 percent of people living with mental illness gain meaningful employment. This is an outstanding achievement considering that the national government has only managed to help only 15 percent of people with mental illness get employment. Also, Fountain House, through its housing initiative, has helped provide safe and stable housing to over 500 people with mental illness each year. Fountain House also has helped reduce the medical cost for people with mental illness in the institution by 21 percent. In terms of education opportunities, Fountain House has helped 77 percent of its members graduate from high school.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a top-rated New York lawyer with a fantastic track record in the legal industry. Goldstein is quite experienced in matters of executive compensation, mergers and acquisition, and corporate governance. He is one of the most sought after lawyer and is recognized as a top attorney in the US by the Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide.


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Angela Koch Makes A Difference At U.S. Money Reserve

When Angela Koch took the job at U.S. Money Reserve she was elated. She was proud. She was ready to work. She was ready to make a difference and she knew that customer relations is where she would start. Working her way up the ladder taught her the importance of working with customers.

She knows how to listen, how to please them and how to meet their needs. She knew that U.S. Money Reserve would greatly benefit from customer relations. This would make the company completely different from all other precious metal makers. The difference she is doing with her new job as the CEO is because she is different. For one, she is a woman holding a role at U.S. Money Reserve that has never been held by other women before. For two, she had a different journey in life that led her to being the businesswoman she is today.

Angela Koch became a wife and mother early on in life. She had to prioritize her family first. Taking time from school did not set her back. It actually allowed her to work for many employers doing many things. It was in these jobs that led her to understand customer relations. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and  US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

From each job she gathered information and learned as much as she could. Once she returned to school, she gained her formal education and set off to work in the corporate world. It took years to become a business executive. But she had the ambition, will power and education to do. She finally became that business executive at U.S. Money Reserve.

Coming to U.S. Money Reserve means alot for Angela Koch. She truly wants to work with her colleagues and her staff to let U.S. Money Reserve be the biggest and best mint maker that they can be. She has expert advice. She offers a lot of guidance.

She works hard to create a company culture that is welcoming and inviting. Customer relations matters to her. She has crafted this company into being something that truly cares about their customers, outreach, marketing and providing high quality products that customers are interested in purchasing.

U.S. Reserve a long respected maker of mints. They are located in Austin, Texas. They have serviced hundreds of thousands of customers. Many of their customers are repeat customers. They work to please their customers by offering an array of products made of silver, gold and platinum.

The company is also known for their legal tender products. They are highly sought after the maker of mints and their CEO plans to continue to uplift their reputation.

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How Toyo Setal Fulfills Its Environmental And Social Mandates

Toyo Setal Empreendimentos Ltda. is a Brazilian engineering and construction firm that was established in April 2012. It’s a privately held firm that designs and constructs buildings and infrastructure. They build onshore projects while their sister company, Estaleiros do Brasil Ltda., focuses on offshore projects.

Since the beginning, Toyo Setal has been an environmentally and socially responsible firm. It has multiple environmental programs, each of which is monitored by a specialized professional. They keep track of their program in real-time using cutting-edge technology.

Before beginning a project, a team of Toyo Setal employees go to the job site and collect animals living there such as frogs, snakes, fish, turtles, and lizards. These native species are moved to a suitable location. The same thing is done with rare and endangered trees and plants. They also plant seedlings to account for the trees and plants that are chopped down. See more information about Toyo Setal at Linkedin.

Throughout the project, they collect and analyze water samples from nearby streams, rivers, marshes, and groundwater. This is done to monitor contamination and eliminate any sources of it. They also monitor local wildlife and fauna to make sure they aren’t being negatively impacted.

Toyo Setal monitors all vehicle traffic in and out of their job sites. They also monitor gas emissions given off by their equipment and vehicles. When a problem is spotted they can put it under control. They also monitor the noise of their equipment and vehicles in the nearby area.

As part of their social responsibilities programs, they provide environmental education to people living in the area they are working on a project. This includes setting up archaeological sites and holding indigenous pottery workshops. They provide lecturers to area public elementary schools and provide activities for students to learn about the environment. Toyo Setal also provides environmental training to teachers.

Privinvest’s Iskandar Safa Shares His Journey to Entrepreneurialism


After earning his college degree, Iskandar Safa began his professional career in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He worked for some civil engineering firms managing large, complex construction jobs. To further his career and in the hope of starting his own company, he traveled to France and attended the European Institute of Business Administration, earning an MBA.

After becoming a business partner with his brother Akram, Iskandar Safa launched what would become Privinvest. They started with a shipyard in France that was struggling due to a downturn in the global economy. This is CMN (Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie). They made this shipyard successful once again in short order which made them confident about expanding to other shipyards.

Privinvest had collaborated with Al Ain International early on to form a joint venture, Abu Dhabi Mar. This venture was created to design and build ships for navies, companies, and private parties including superyachts. Privinvest bought out Al Ain International in 2011 and now wholly owns ADM.

Based in Beirut, Privinvest has subsidiaries in the Middle East, Eastern Mediterranean, Germany, the United Kingdom, and France. In addition to building ships, they have facilities that can repair and retrofit existing ones. For their naval customers, they have logistics support and integrate weapon systems onto the watercraft they build.

Their commercial ships are used for shipping products and fishing activities. They have built some of the world’s best superyachts, including Tatoosh. One of the world’s most famous ships of its kind, at 92.42 meters long it is the world’s longest. Visit This Page for more information.

A philanthropist, Iskandar Safa has contributed to causes around the world. He doesn’t like credit for giving to causes as he wishes to genuinely help them, not generate publicity for himself. He has built churches in France, the Dominican Republic, and Lebanon.

He sponsored the Special Olympics that were held in Lebanon. He once worked behind the scenes to secure the release of five French citizens who were being held hostage in Lebanon. French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac singled Iskandar Safa out for special praise for this act of humanitarianism. Read This Article to learn more.


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